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Participated in Q-STAR as a member company

We have joined the Quantum STrategic industry Alliance for Revolution (Q-STAR) as a member company.

The Q-STAR was established on May 31, 2021 with 24 companies as a voluntary organization aiming at quantum technology innovation. Currently, 56 member companies participate in the Q-STAR, which contributes to the realization of a "quantum technology innovation" by promoting activities that contribute to the development of science and technology in the new era by taking advantage of Japan's technological superiority in materials, devices, measurement technology, computers, communications, simulation, and other areas.

As an associate corporate member of the Q-STAR, we have joined in the activities of the "Optimization and Combinatorial Problems Committee." We aim to solve various problems in the fields of drug discovery, materials, and logistics using Ising machines.


Q-STAR Quantum STrategic industry Alliance for Revolution
https://qstar.jp/ (in Japanese)

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